03 March 2012

Book Review: The Lies Have It by Jill Edmondson

Title: The Lies Have It (A Sasha Jackson Mystery)
Author: Jill Edmondson
Publisher: IGUANA
Format: Paperback
252 pages
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Source: Review copy provided by author

Jill Edmondson is the author of the hilarious Sasha Jackson Mystery series (Blood And Groom and Dead Light District) and The Lies Have It is the third installment. It's another fabulously, fun story set in Toronto about Sasha and the rollicking adventures she gets involved in while working as a private investigator. And this time, the feisty detective has three very different cases to work on which Sasha diligently approaches with her keen eye for detail and her usual sassy, and clever streetwise ways.

When a man is found murdered after Sasha and a friend had worked as bartenders at a wild (fetish!) party, the owner of the bar hires Sasha to investigate the death. The murder victim, Ian Dooley, was the party host and the police are convinced the murder is connected to someone at the party. Sasha isn't so sure especially when she discovers that Ian was obsessed with one of the candidates in the current election campaign for mayor of Toronto.

At the same time, Sasha is kept busy by two other cases - searching for a runaway teenager, and trying to discover evidence to prove that a member of staff is scamming the owner of some of his profits in a restaurant.

The way all three of these cases are woven together adds up to a very satisfying story with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to compliment the well-crafted plot. The setting is also an important element to the story. Sasha uses her detailed knowledge of the city of Toronto to help her solve her cases.

The storyline has very adult themes but the stylish writing and fabulous characters as well as a multi-layered mystery with an unpredictable ending, add up to a fun, light-hearted read. All of the characters are fascinating and the snappy, gritty dialogue makes them seem very real. The sex theme which is central to the story, is balanced by the wicked and witty banter.

Sasha is a superb character with her trademark sassiness and wicked sense of humour which are evident throughout the story. It's fun to see how she uses her acute powers of observation and intuition to solve a mystery, and the conclusion is very satisfying - and also very funny!

It's worth noting that the Sasha Jackson Mysteries (Blood and Groom, Dead Light District, and The Lies Have It) have been optioned for TV.

I'm grateful to the author, Jill Edmondson, for providing me with a copy for review.

The Lies Have It is another fun, fast-paced Sasha Jackson mystery featuring the sexy and sassy private investigator. Wicked, witty and absolutely hilarious.

Highly recommended.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read! I might have to give it a go! Thanks for the sharing about it :)

  2. Chrissa, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! It's a fun, light-hearted read.