28 August 2011

Book Review: Happy Birthday by Danielle Steel

Title: Happy Birthday
Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
ISBN: 9780593056868
Format: Hardcover
339 pages
Genre: Fiction, chick-lit, contemporary romance
Source: Publisher

Happy Birthday is a sweet story about how three people discover their lives are changed after they each celebrate a milestone birthday on the same day.

Valerie Wyatt is a famous TV presenter of a show about entertaining and decorating the home. She's been divorced for years, and happily devoted her life to her career but now as she turns sixty, she feels sad about being alone.

Valerie's daughter, April, is also single but happy to be on her own. She is a chef and owner of a popular, successful restaurant in New York and has no time for anything else in her life. She only considers what she might be missing in her life as she turns thirty.

Jack Adams is a former football star who has become a popular sports presenter on TV. He's rich and famous and enjoys the attention from his adoring female fans but now he's depressed because he is turning fifty.

The story revolves around these three characters and is about how their lives are turned upside down by a series of events which lead to a turning point in their lives and inevitably to a predictable conclusion.

Happy Birthday is a light-hearted story which I enjoyed reading although there is too much repetition, and the characters are almost too perfect. That said, I thought it was a charming, feel-good story and I'm grateful to the publisher for sending me a copy.

Danielle Steel is the author of numerous bestsellers and with this novel, she has written a romantic, life-affirming story which will appeal to anyone looking for a fast-paced, easy read.

Happy Birthday is pure escapist reading.

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