17 June 2011

Follow Friday: June 17, 2011

These are my recomendations for Follow Friday on Twitter today:

#FF @Mslexia the magazine for women who write http://www.mslexia.co.uk/index.php

#FF @KateMayfield Author of 2 books,magazine articles, and most recently,a memoir. http://www.katemayfield.com/default.html

#FF @Jan_Marshall shares lots of useful links about writing.

#FF @LDNBookLovers A home for book lovers in London and beyond. http://www.londonbooklovers.com/

#FF @janeholland1 Poet, novelist, critic.Tudor historical THE QUEEN'S SECRET to be published in 2012. Executive editor of Embrace Books
(Though should note THE QUEEN'S SECRET being published under @VictoriaLamb1 )

#FF Bethanne @thebookmaven Inventor of #FridayReads, author of two books and Editor at @ShelfAwareness

#FF @BBCWBC BBC World Book Club

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