06 May 2011

Follow Friday: May 6, 2011

These are my recomendations for Follow Friday on Twitter today:

#FF @CarmelaTheTwit Author of NOM DE PLUME: A (SECRET) HISTORY OF PSEUDONYMS (HarperCollins), out in June. http://www.carmelaciuraru.com/

#FF @mark_logue Filmmaker, grandson of Lionel Logue and author of the King's Speech.

#FF @elizabethscraig Author. Also creates the Writer's Knowledge Base: The Search Engine for Writers http://hiveword.com/wkb/search Useful!

#FF The author of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The Sunday Philosophy Club, and the 44 Scotland Street series @McCallSmith

#FF How exciting is this? Mariella Frostrup "Journalist, TV and radio presenter, campaigner" is on Twitter! @mariellaf1

#FF @LesleyDewar1 writes "stories that educate and entertain 7-12 yo children" Leslie tweets @NanaStories too!http://storiesmynanatells.com/

#FF @lynneguist An American linguist in England. About American English vs British English. http://separatedbyacommonlanguage.blogspot.com/

#FF @WriterThesaurus Angela Ackerman likes to share great writing resources. Very useful blog too: http://thebookshelfmuse.blogspot.com/

#FF @crimeficreader Friendly and informative tweets by Rhian about books, mainly crime fiction. Fab blog too: http://itsacrime.typepad.com/

Follow Friday is an easy way for you to recommend other people to follow on Twitter. You simply tweet the names of Twitter users you like (preferably include a reason) and tag it with the hashtag: #followfriday or #FF.


  1. Mariella Frostrup's voice makes me go weak at the knees!
    As a keen crime fiction reader I shall follow crimeficreader/itsacrime. Flighty xx

  2. Mariella does have a lovely voice so I can totally understand your reaction!

    I'm sure you will enjoy reading Rhian's tweets @crimeficreader and her blog too.